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What We Do

Delisle Youth Services supports and encourages youth to navigate safely through the teen years, often a turbulent time in a young person's life, and grow into confident, productive adults.

To make that happen, we provide programs wherever they are needed; at home, at school and in the community. We have different programs to help our clients and their families get back on track. We connect with youth from all walks of life and provide help for almost any issue they are struggling with. Our goal is to help youth and their families cope through difficult times, develop new skills and forge a path for promising futures.

We operate many programs: including counselling, a group home, day treatment programs, in school programs, a queer youth program, an art gallery, a youth centre and residential case management for teens with complex special needs. All of our programs provide opportunities for youth and families to tell us what they need and to help shape the work we do together.

When appropriate we also refer clients to programs operated by other organizations like: employment training, alternative schools and social skill groups.

Additionally, we act as a single point of entry into residential services in the Greater Toronto Area for children and youth with mental health issues or complex special needs. This comprehensive interaction gives us a unique overview of the city's residential programs, which in turn enables us to work closely with community planners and government funders to advocate and plan better services on behalf of the youth and families of Toronto.

Whether we're acting as advocates, or providing services on a one to one basis, our involvement is rooted in compassion and integrity. On a day to day basis this means responding to clients in a timely manner, developing an individual plan with each client, solving problems creatively and building relationships founded on trust.

This year we will provide over 2,000 youths with counselling and care and perhaps just as importantly, with hope.

At Delisle, we strive to meet youth where they are. One of the way we do this is through a partnership with London-based youth mental health website MindYourMind. Visit our Youth Media Hub to check out some of the great games and tools our youth have created with MindYourMind.