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Day Treatment Programs

The Day Treatment Programs of Delisle Youth Services are designed for high-school students who are experiencing significant challenges at school. They may be struggling with academic, mental-health, family or substance-use issues, and may be truant or at risk of dropping out.

The Day Treatment Programs work in partnership with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to provide students with alternative learning opportunities in small classes under the Education Act, Section 23 as well as therapeutic and life-skill support.

Delisle operates two different Day Treatment Programs within two west-end Toronto high schools. They vary by the intensity of therapeutic and life-skill support offered. The Merge Day Treatment program offers more intensive multidisciplinary therapeutic support and intervention for students experiencing significant and persistent mental health issues. Merge, which was previously operated by Thistletown Regional Centre, and is also offered in French, is available to Toronto, York, Peel and Halton referrals. The Visions Day Treatment Program has a strong emphasis on teaching both academic and life skills needed to be successful at home, school and in the community. The Delisle Day Treatment Team will determine which program is most suitable based on how significantly the student’s issues are impacting functioning at school, home and socially.

The classes are capped at six to eight students, with a TDSB teacher and Delisle Youth Worker support. The students attend up to three academic classes per day, participate in a life-skills group, and meet regularly with their primary workers. At Merge, a full time social worker provides support to youth and their families in the program on a regular basis. Merge also benefits from a team of multi-disciplinary consultants including Psychology, Psychiatry and Speech Language. School bus transportation can be discussed.

Goal of the Day Treatment Programs

The goal of the Day Treatment Programs is to build on each student’s strengths and help them to gain the necessary skills for experiencing success and finding options, such as re-entering the mainstream schools, an alternative program or seeking employment.

How to enquire about Delisle’s Day Treatment Programs?

  • Call (416) 482-0081 for more information. If a referral is made, details regarding the student’s mental health, social and academic challenges are needed
  • Delisle will determine if the student meets the criteria and which program will best match the student’s treatment needs
  • The referral assessment process may include one or more meetings, a standardized youth and parent interview and collecting relevant supporting documentation
  • Sometimes there is a waiting list for service
  • Upon entry to one of the programs, teachers and Delisle staff work with the student to develop a learning and treatment plan
  • Family involvement at every step of the way is found to be of great importance but needs to be agreed to by the student and the family

“The TDSB partnership with Delisle is student success oriented. The teachers offer a wide selection of high school courses in small, supportive classrooms that are flexible to the academic and treatment needs of the student. With the support of Delisle staff, teachers plan an academic timetable that supports student success and the mental health goals of the individual. It is truly a collaborative approach with the students' physical, mental and emotional well-being at the forefront of our daily teaching.” -TDSB Section 23 Teacher

“The students who attend Delisle’s Merge Day Treatment Program have enhanced my passion, desire, motivation and growth as a youth worker each and every day.” -Delisle Youth Worker

“To blend together; to combine or unite. This is the dictionary definition of ‘merge’ and this is how the MERGE Day Treatment Program plays out in the classroom. Merge Day Treatment Program provides a blending, a combining, a uniting, a ‘Merge-ing’ of treatment and academics for students for whom mainstream schools and classrooms are difficult to navigate. It is a place of welcoming and laughter, a place of empathy and support, a place of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and umpteenth chances. It’s a place of clean slates and fresh chances every day.” -Delisle Youth Worker

“Working at ‘Visions Day Treatment Program’ as a Youth Worker is a fulfilling, fun, exciting and sometimes challenging career. I am inspired by the youth each and every day learning who they are as a person, achieving success and learning new skills despite their challenges with mental health. I am encouraged by the fun and unique ideas that youth bring to the program which promotes a safe, diverse and accepting environment to learn and grow.” -Delisle Youth Worker