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Strong and Resilient (STARS) is a program for Queer, Trans, & Questioning youth and allies ages 13-21.

It's designed for youth by youth through a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

Whether you want to talk about sexuality, identity, substance use, coming out, or just chill, STARS provides a safe space. We offer a range of activities and workshops including expressive arts workshops , field trips, discussion groups and non-judgmental comprehensive drug education.

STARS takes place in The Studio where you can do all kinds of performance: acting, drag, drama, dance and theatre to name just a few.

Or get involved behind the scenes organizing stuff. Youth Advisory Committee members are involved in everything that happens from hiring staff to designing programs and flyers to evaluating the program. There are opportunities to do outreach and earn an honorarium for your work or get credit towards the 40 hours of community service required for high school graduation.

Swing by and meet some people.

There is usually food and TTC fare is provided for anyone who needs it.

News! A group of STARS youth got together with MindYourMind to make the game Queer as Soup. The youth wanted to create something that would help others understand some of the words that we hear and/or use every day in the hopes, that it break the barriers that constrict us from being ourselves. Check it out!

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